Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sirloin Strips in Wine Sauce

From the book Don't Panic-Dinners in the Freezer


  1. Didn't love it :( When we made this meal, we did not cook the meat prior to freezing. We made the sauce and froze that in a separate baggie. The meat was a little dry...the recipe says to cook for an hour...I think next time I might only cook it for 30-40 minutes instead as the sauce was almost completely gone in one hour. The mushrooms were quite good and had soaked in the sauce.

  2. We grilled the steak and it was good. Would have been better if I had remembered to set it out earlier and salt and peppered it. I also just put the sauce in a pan to simmer it and poured it over the steak after we cooked it. The sauce would have been good over rice, but I was out :) Mushrooms were very winey :) mmmm!